About Humboldt’s Legacy

You walked across what?

Hey, remember the 80’s? We do. That’s when we opened the store. During the “cold war”—the most destructive waste of money and human ingenuity in modern times—well probably ever. There’s always been room in the market for fear salespeople.

peacemarchThat’s where we come in, no fear here, just hope and good wishes. Owners Kris and Will met while walking over 5000 miles from Los Angeles to New York City and on to Washington DC for the 1986 Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament. For those of you who know your geography, 5000 miles is quite an overshoot, putting you somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, but let’s put it this way, we didn’t walk in a straight line. So we crossed the US and walked a good chunk of the way back in spirit. On that road, I met a guy and asked him to sign a petition, and he changed my life by telling me, “You’re a nice guy so I’ll sign but you know, as long as people are making money selling weapons, nothing is going to change.” There it is, change the economy, that’s all we have to do. Change it from profit being generated from child labour and pollution and war manufacture to one of fairness, sustainable manufacture and a focus on peace, building high speed trains instead of ICBMs, (Inter-continental ballistic missiles). That’s all we have to do!

storepicSo let’s get to it. Our store is our attempt to achieve this transition to a new economy. You may have seen some of this stuff before, but the first place anyone saw it all together, was in our first location in Winnipeg – all 300 square feet of it. We’re the oldest such store on the continent. Plenty of this stuff is available only from us and only a few other places. If you don’t buy this stuff here, you really need to buy it somewhere. Whatever you do, don’t make any excuses as to why you can’t make this transition. Can’t afford an item, okay, buy the ones you can afford, cause plenty of this stuff is very competitive with mainstream polluting stuff, so do what you can.

Some people say it’s too late, but that’s no reason to give up, let’s make the time now. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the society you want to see, let’s vote fairness, let’s vote peace, let’s vote hope. Your polling booth is open.

You think it doesn’t matter, you think no one notices if you buy fair trade coffee? I can tell you it is the most important thing. My mother survived Josef Stalin’s famine in the Ukraine, barely. My kids survived the hard streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia before Kris and I made the trip to the orphanage to relieve them of their hardship. It matters. you can tell everyone in hardship that you are watching, that you are carrying a small part of their load, that together, things are going to get better. The Internet is a busy place and I’m sure you are too. Thanks for checking us out.